Miriam Maduro, Attorney at Law

Areas of Practice

Real Estate Law


Providing both residential and commercial legal services, Attorney Maduro provides legal services for purchasing or leasing commercial and residential real estate including multi­‐family occupied.


Attorney Maduro is also experienced in reverse mortgages, which is a loan available to homeowners, 62 years or older, which allows them to convert part of the equity in their homes into cash.








Attorney Maduro also provides legal services in the areas of guardianship/probate, simple wills, health care proxies, durable power of attorney, collections and personal injury.


We make house calls.




Bankruptcy Law


Filing bankruptcy takes careful preparation and understanding of legal issues. Misunderstandings of the law can affect your rights. Attorney Maduro has specialized knowledge of the complexities of bankruptcy and how to navigate the process and assist you with whether to file for bankruptcy, under which chapter to file, explain the law and procedures, help you complete the forms, advise you on discharging debts, keeping your home, car or other property, tax consequences and whether you should continue to pay creditors.


Step by step, Attorney Maduro will guide you to work towards achieving a successful conclusion in your bankruptcy case so that you can move your life in a positive direction.


Landlord and Tenant Law


Providing both residential and commercial landlord and tenant legal services, Attorney Maduro understands that each party faces unique challenges. Practicing for almost 30 years, Attorney Maduro specializes in legal issues of subsidized and HUD housing, appearing in both Housing Court and District Court on behalf of landlords and tenants.



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